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Located 5 km west of Smoky Lake, AB, Serben Farms offers a wide range of farm-fresh, local, and homemade foods. 

Serben Farms is a small family farm that operates using old-style, outdoor farming practices. We raise hogs and have a flock of laying hens, and work with other local producers to provide beef, dairy, and many other products. We do all our own butchery, sausage-making, curing, and smoking right in our on-farm shop. We also offer an array of fresh and frozen meats, farm fresh eggs and cream, local cheeses, artisan sausages, burgers, seasonal vegetables, canning, homemade baking, Ukrainian foods, and other homemade foods.  

You can also find select Serben Farms' products through The Organic Box and at Homegrown Foods.



(780) 656-8585





Corner of Hwy 28 and RR180, Smoky Lake County, AB.



Tues-Fri 10-6

Sat 10-4

Sun-Mon Closed

Gourmet Fresh Sausages

We take our sausage making pretty seriously - these are not your average links!

Fresh apples and fennel ...

Fresh apples and fennel ...

High quality, fresh ingredients

We use fresh ingredients. Fresh garlic, fresh ginger, apples, fennel, lime zest, herbs - these are what make our sausages stand out. Our recipes are developed with flavour in mind!

Linked by hand...

Linked by hand...

Handmade with care

Our on-farm butcher shop gives us full control of our meat processing. We make all our sausages ourselves, from start to finish. 

Packaged, labelled, and ready for you!

Packaged, labelled, and ready for you!

No fillers, lean

Our fresh sausages are free of wheat crumb and other fillers, MSG, soy, dairy, and egg. We keep our mixes nice and lean..but not too lean! 


Flavours we make:

  • Apple and Fennel Sausages

  • Asian Pork Burgers

  • BBQ Pork Burgers

  • Dill and Caraway

  • Double Garlic

  • Ginger and Green Onion Sausages

  • Hot Italian Sausages

  • Italian Meatballs

  • Maple Breakfast Sausages

  • Mustard and Ale Sausages

  • Orange Cranberry Breakfast Sausages

  • Rosemary and Garlic Sausages

  • Souvlaki Burgers

  • Sweet Chili and Lime Sausages

  • Sweet Italian Sausages

Contact Us

Our farm is located on the NW corner of Highway 28 and RR180, in Smoky Lake County, AB.

Box 1045 - Smoky Lake, AB - T0A 3C0

You can contact us by telephone (780) 656-8585 or by emailing us through the form on this page.

You can also find us on: 

Facebook @serbenfarms

Twitter @serbenfarms

Instagram @serbenfarms

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